Software Consulting and Custom Software Development Services

  • Mobile Applications:
    Android platform
  • Web Application Solutions:
    Technologies supported: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, AJAX, GWT, GAE, Python, Django Web Framework
  • Other Software Solutions:
    Technologies supported: JAVA/JAVA EE, .NET, Python, Weblogic, GlassFish, MySQL, Postgre, Oracle RDBMS/TimesTen/Coherence, GQL, Windows, Linux




The zeal in innovative and human focused software creation is the impetus behind the formation of Zeallic Technologies.

Agile Software Development Style

We welcome changing requirements, even late in development.

In order to achieve great results, we provide rapid delivery of the software in progress. You have the visibility to review your completed software in short stages. We are able to work closely this way to tailor made our ideal software together efficiently.

Please feel free to contact us and experience how agile we are:

Thanks for your interest in Zeallic Technologies.

Welcome to Zeallic Technologies

Here at Zeallic Technologies, we are passionate about implementing innovative and human oriented software solutions.
We serve small and medium enterprises with tailor-made software solutions and software consulting services.
Crafting softwares with focuses on both efficient and elegant problem solvings thru cutting edge technologies is always our passion.

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Thanks for your interest in Zeallic Technologies!
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